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vaguely can hear the deafening sound of fighting, an evil spirits filled the sky and open, so that was all of the mysterious yellow fortress above, is a dignified looking. fortress center,read more

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there is a faint dark space between the cracks ... huge fireball suddenly rising, it is like another one like the sun, the release of Nirvana degree of terror, which implied destructive power, so tha... read more

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so he stood up to this, it still has not shot inflammation Magic Valley crowd, as well as the Soviet Union thousands great elders and others, his face is slightly a hundred years, immediately followed... read more

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practice of law, said for the soul of technology, but now obviously been lost, because even I have not ever seen that are the soul of technology called 'Skyfire Venerable laughs. 'soul still practici... read more

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the family of those old guys, certainly will not worry she has done for a long time in the outside world stay current eyes look Xiao Yan, whispered: 'Xiao Yan brother, careful, soul family who Grievan... read more

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smile, immediately in front of leaf weight slowly said. heard, shake slightly skinned leaf weight, the body is shaking up, and now the black fire were tyrannical power, leaves home, it has been diffi... read more

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by the latter than to the tyrannical several times! poison Springs demon comprehend the holy life, it can not be false to talk, no matter what others comprehend, but it is difficult to comparable foun... read more

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back, however, seemingly matchless aggressive attack, fall St. puppet body in half, but it is down the drain as the latter body Yuan Meng startled body, a terrible force, that is,read more

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cliff 'weekdays these souls body hidden in a blanket of darkness among the' once They close, is pounced from burst 'although the power is not strong, but it is bored, and this blew attacks' This week ... read more

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Xiao Yan brow of a challenge, did not a promise, but a cautious asked.' I have a competition with a technique of mixing drugs! If you win, then I will join inflammation small boat, how? Furukawa Shini... read more

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people, the strength is an extremely high-handed, according to the Xiao Yan visual probably also have at least six or seven other bands were fighting strong, this and other lineup, even on the Plains,... read more

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slightest mention. 'teacher-strength now, if you want to return to that drug family, for fear that no one can stop it again? '' Xiao Yan Road. 'kind of place,read more

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treasure, and it is not available for her not to give up something, but she still insisted, and counteroffer to own such a steal information, it may be that some manufacturers vertebral worth a. But ... read more

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Yan Yan fire, almost out of the hills surprise, when he was to be recovered, the face was immediately covered with livid color, roar, that is, with endless anger with the intention to kill, right the ... read more

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'' hands heavy foot instantly emerge on the cross arm veins Xiao beating heart soon Lenghe: 'Kuni-foot swim body, Kuni fire!' a shot, Luk Yu body is the strongest attack Tinto foot type, without the... read more

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wonder, the ancient boundary energy is so strong, if here practicing words 'effect better than the outside world, some people with ulterior motives' Zhibu Ding secretly stay Qianxiu looking for a plac... read more

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she was holding came to kill, but as time goes on, Xiao Yan could feel her heart's share of the intention to kill is waning , to be too now, might well have ceased to exist. weekdays always accompani... read more

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crystal layer is gradually melting, melting speed that even one of the three days of the snake, and his face is also some changes could not help, because the properties of grams reason,read more

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seem mysterious different runes in general, looks very magical. 'This is my heritage Fenyan Crystal Valley, which not only has the most complete Skyfire Sanxuan change the practice of law, and there ... read more

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Xiao Yan waved palm, the corpse income Yunshan ring being satisfied, I do not know why he does not want to use his body to refining 'day demon puppet' As for the reason, he could not say, but do not w... read more

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But Mu Qingluan still some willing to be a little girl so teaching 'moment that is said.' Qingluan family? 'Purple research slender eyebrows a challenge, his eyes looked quirky Mu Qingluan one, hehe s... read more

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of children smoked golden flame, but it is so that was the first time he felt a Species like feel palpitations, and even at that moment the golden flame appeared, then the body of the glass Firelight,... read more

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fun.' heard the remark, curved purple research eyebrows Yizhou, takes what would shake his head like. 'You told me useless, this is under the command of those old guys, that you have had enough play... read more

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. 'bang! ' wait coveted color of these guys more expanded, Xiao Yan mind a move, and soon the three floating flame swept out, and finally the many horror sunlight, severely hit coming together. thre... read more

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Xiao Yan, who looked back, 'although the latter remained silent and quiet, but they are still on the latter from the body, noticed a hint of penetration out of Senleng intention to kill,read more

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then a small medical cents is automatically ignored, gray and purple eyes turned to Xiao Yan, said 'now is to stay out of the armed forces are among the cloud Empire border city, but goose down is in ... read more

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substance, ah, it seems the old lady have to seriously some of the ... ' mind passing this road idea, Wu Chen and his face is becoming increasingly serious, and that the red hand of the fire is getti... read more

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Yan pondered, suddenly a loud and clear voice resounded Dragons into the sky, and soon that herd suddenly stir up the air of the toxic cloud, is actually the beginning of a movement, and that the dire... read more

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Island Long Island East offensive messages, but wait until they frantically to come back, but it is on the road blockade met these three eastern Long Island Long Island's forces, the moment is that th... read more

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the future of Xiao Yan, laid hold of another alternative if things! It can only be cast once only, and finally whether it will be successful or is unknown, this time with his strength to the 'destruct... read more

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makes me Cao how foreign account? 'Dressed in purple robes refining pharmacists youth, a faint smile, palm Qingwo, a wisp of flame beating at your fingertips, immediately glanced a leaf weight; Is lea... read more

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head with a wry smile spoon 'This could really be some strange agility, so applied to start, would be the equivalent of more than two spare? with people fighting, As long as the deity hidden in which ... read more

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Wolf Wang Xiao Yan could not help but gloat saw one, he has such a powerful helper can they do? Su family faced demon days, this power is simply not worth mentioning, thanks to this guy actually did n... read more

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woe poison the body? 'woe poison body divided nature and nurture, my woe poison the body, is due the day after tomorrow, but without problems, as long as I can get her off drugs woe, it is possible t... read more

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of the body as well as signs of a grudge 'look like that, just as the most common, but the ordinary people in general. However, this visual senses, but instead is to make the heart Xiao YanHair di... read more

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